About Us

We are two moms who were frustrated with selling useless products and participating in endless fundraisers for our children’s schools and activities.  In addition to being parents, we have been PTO Presidents, Team Moms, Fundraising Chairs, and Team Coaches. After experiencing every angle of fundraising, we began searching for an easier way to meet fundraising goals. We think we have found the perfect product – one that is useful AND is a great deal for the consumer! Detergent for Dollars is the ideal way for your group to meet fundraising goals quickly and easily!

Why choose us?

  • We have been in your shoes – We have sold every fundraising product around and know that this is the easiest product available to sell.
  • We know you are busy – We make fundraising as easy as possible by providing you with all of the materials needed to have a successful sale.
  • We understand your needs – We know that in today’s world fundraising has become a necessity for many programs and activities.
  • We have proven success – We have over 20 years combined fundraising experience and have proven success meeting fundraising goals.
  • We will provide support – We will answer your emails and phone calls promptly and assist you however needed at every step of your sale.