How It Works


Our program is designed to allow you to meet your fundraising goals quickly and easily by following the steps below:

1.  Sign up for your fundraising dates using our Register to Sell form. Someone will contact you via email to set up your fundraiser and answer any questions you may have.  Usually we can start your program almost immediately if desired!  We will email you everything needed to have a successful sale- we even send ads for you to post on social media!

2.  Distribute our customized order forms to each participant and inform them of your selling window (we recommend 2-3 weeks).  We will also provide you with our list of helpful hints to help you maximize your sales and are always available for you to contact with any questions or if you need sales tips.

3.  At the end of your selling window collect the order forms and payments.  Deposit collected funds into your account and KEEP YOUR COMMISSIONS!  There is no waiting period for you to get paid! Email us your orders and we invoice you for payment for products sold.  As soon as we receive payment your order will be processed and delivered.

4. REPEAT!  Most groups run our fundraisers 2-4 times each year.  One of the great things about our products is that your customers will love the convenience, value, and quality of our products so much that when they start to run out they will call you and ask to buy more!  Each sale grows exponentially allowing you to develop a steady stream of fundraising income for your organization.