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Our top quality products are comparable to the leading national name brand products Tide®, Gain®, Downy®, Dawn®,Palmolive®, Garnier®, Axe®, and Dove®.  All products are made in the USA and manufactured by one of the largest and most trusted cleaning solution manufacturers in the country.  Products are environmentally safe, meet all guidelines, and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Our extra strength laundry detergents are designed to get even the most heavily soiled machine washable fabrics clean.  It is concentrated so you can use less and is available for both HE and traditional washing machines.  Our fabric softeners keep your laundry soft, static free and freshly scented.

Our most popular products are our 5 gallon buckets of detergents and fabric softeners.  Each bucket is 640 ounces, come with a pump for easy dispensing, and are the best value around at over 60% off the cost of comparable products at discount stores.  Your customers will appreciate that each bucket will wash up to 640 loads of laundry.  We often hear that one bucket will last an average family six months or longer!

We also now offering detergents and softeners in the 1 gallon sized bottle in addition to our new SOAPS line featuring dishsoap, handsoap, and body wash.  Pairing our bucket and bottle fundraisers together allows groups to give their customers plenty of product 2015-02-01 Bottle Pic WHITE SMALLoptions in different price ranges for families of all sizes.

Tide®, Gain® and Downy® are registered trademarks of the Procter and Gamble Corporation. Snuggle® is a is a registered trademark of The Sun Products Corporation. Detergent for Dollars does not sell Procter and Gamble Corporation or The Sun Products Corporation products, nor do these companies in any way support or endorse Detergent for Dollars. Products sold by Detergent for Dollars are comparable to these name brand products.